Boris Johnson attacked over Brexit fishing deal with bloc as EU ‘ran rings’ around UK

Brexit: EU ‘run rings around UK on fisheries’ says expert

Liam Campling, Professor of International Business and Development at Queen Mary University, insisted Boris Johnson and his team had shown poor planning when dealing with the European Union. During an interview with, Professor Campling argued the Brexit fishing deal the UK secured was unimpressive. He noted how well the EU has been able to negotiate on fishing in the past and highlighted the UK’s inability to satisfy British fishermen overall.

He said: “I think from the perspective of British fisheries post-Brexit trade deal with the EU is very much a damp squib.

“The outcome is ironic given that one of the very few rational reasons for entering into a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU was to boost British fishing.

“The fact that the outcome has let down the sector indicates precisely the poor planning being put into the long-term view and the long-term negotiating strategy of Government with the EU.

“It was eminently predictable that the EU would run rings around Britain on fisheries.”

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Professor Campling reiterated the European Union’s competence at striking up fishing deals that are favourable to them.

He continued: “The EU have been doing this for years, they have been negotiating trade and trade deals.

“Specifically, they have been tying in trade and fisheries relationships in negotiations with multiple other countries.

“Unfortunately, I think rather than focussing on the technical side of the problem from the outset and rather than dealing with the real-world political economy of fisheries, the British Government was appealing primarily to the domestic audience.

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“They did this rather than focussing on the real issues that it stated it sought to achieve.”

Professor Campling directly criticised the Government for their handling of the Brexit fishing negotiations.

He insisted the positive attitude touted by Boris Johnson was not enough to sway the EU in the negotiations.

He said: “Regardless of one’s political persuasion, the Government has not come through on what it said it would do on fisheries.

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“The reason why this has happened is because it has not paid attention to the details.

“Of course there are people working like crazy in Government divisions and running across their desks, I am not referring to those people.

“I am referring to the political parts of this country that seems to think it is able to gain in international relations purely through confidence tricks.

“Unfortunately that is just not how the world works.”

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