Boris Johnson breaks ministerial code by starting new job

Boris Johnson has broken the ministerial code by taking a new job within three months of leaving office.

The bumbling blonde Brexiteer returned to his role as a columnist for the Daily Telegraph just days after quitting as Foreign Secretary last week.

But he failed to ask watchdog Acoba before accepting the new job.

He gave up his £275,000-a-year column when he was given the role of Foreign Secretary in July 2016.

The code of conduct requires ministers to apply to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) before accepting a new job.

And cabinet ministers are banned from starting a new job within three months of leaving office.

Mr Johnson’s spokesman confirmed he had resumed his regular column, for which he will be paid.

But he declined to comment further.

A spokesperson for Acoba confirmed Mr Johnson had not approached the committee for advice before accepting his new job.

And they confirmed Baroness Browning, who chairs the committee wrote to Mr Johnson last Tuesday to remind him of the rules.

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Trickett said: “Boris Johnson jumping straight from his role as a Government Minister to a job as a columnist makes a mockery of Acoba.

“If it was in anyway a functioning body, this kind of thing would be blocked.

“Acoba hasn’t got the teeth to stop this behaviour. We urgently need a radical overhaul of the system.”

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