Boris Johnson shuts down Labour rant with brutal Brexit jab ‘Wouldn’t have made it in EU!’

PMQs: Boris Johnson shuts down Labour attack on vaccines

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Boris Johnson slammed the Labour MP and claimed that if his party had its way the UK would have remained part of the European Union and therefore been unable to achieve the remarkable scale of vaccine rollout that is currently in place. The Prime Minister also mocked Mr Slaughter’s slip of the tongue as the Labour MP made reference to January 19 instead of July 19 during his rant.

Mr Slaughter said: “We all know the importance of double vaccination against the Delta or Johnson virus.

“In Hammersmith and Fulham despite the hard work of our local NHS, councils, and volunteers only 36 percent of adults have been double jabbed.

“So will the Prime Minister think again before recklessly removing all barriers to infection on January 19 [July 19], will he keep the regulation on mask-wearing and like the Mayor of London will he keep fighting the virus until it is beaten?”

Mr Johnson replied: “If we had followed his precepts, I remember he campaigned vigorously to stay in the European Union.

“We would not have achieved the highest vaccine rollout of any European country and have vaccinated the highest proportion of any European population.

“That is the reality.

“As for his criticism of his roadmap, I respectfully point out the month is July, not January.”

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