Boris row to ‘dominate and distract’ Tories from delivering for Brits, Ellwood bellows

PM's behaviour will 'distract' from other issues says Ellwood

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Mr Ellwood spoke about the possibility of Boris Johnson winning the next general election and maintaining his role as Prime Minister. The Conservative MP claimed that those who say Boris will win the next election are going to have to defend all of his actions “day in and day out” after the release of the Sue Gray report. Mr Ellwood discussed how the erosion of the British public trust over the Partygate scandal may impact future Tory election results.

Mr Ellwood told ITV’s Peston: “Firstly, will Boris Johnson last and interesting that your Conservative MP said no he won’t.

“The same question if we miss this moment now and he does last, will we win the next general election?

“So there are two separate questions there if you’re saying he’s going to last and you’re having to support Boris Johnson.

“You’re going to have to defend this behaviour day in and day out.

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“And also this is going to dominate and distract us from other issues, not least with things like Ukraine and indeed the cost of living.”

He continued: “And of course, we then have the general election itself, as to what will be that outcome.

“When the British people finally get a say as to what has happened, how that erosion of trust has impacted on the election….”

Due to the Partygate scandal, some Britons have lost trust in the Prime Minister.

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Labour MPs have been pushing to focus on windfall taxes and energy bills, in an effort to tackle the cost of living crisis.

The crisis has seen many households plunge into poverty, due to constantly rising costs.

Many industries such as food production, farming, oil, and gas have been hit hard by the ongoing Russian onslaught.

The head of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey warned MPs last week about the incoming struggles more British people are set to face due to the war in Ukraine.


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Mr Bailey said: “It’s a very, very difficult place for us to be in. This is a bad situation.”

Mr Bailey warned: “Ukraine and Russia is the big risk in a way.

“One is the risk of a further energy price shock, which would come from the cutting-off of gas and distillates, such as products like diesel.

“And then, the one which I might sound rather apocalyptic about is food.”

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