Brexit Britain to have ‘faster growing economy’ without EU shackles restraining investment

Brexit: UK economy needs ‘fast growth’ to recover says Tice

Reform Party Chairman Richard Tice insisted Boris Johnson and his Government needed to focus on the growth of the UK economy. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty of Brexit Watch, Mr Tice insisted the UK must part with previous EU regulations and Government inefficiency. He added with cut taxes, the UK would see more investment and stronger and faster growth.

He noted this would be increasingly important to utilise the freedom of Brexit and to recover from coronavirus.

Mr Tice said: “The way you recover from coronavirus economically is important and why our stance is very clear.

“You can’t tax your way out of this crisis as you have got to way your way out of this crisis.

“You need faster growth and the way that you do that is you cut taxes.

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“That creates faster growth, you cut the daft and unnecessary regulations, many of them from the EU, many others that our civil serviceman have goldplated.

“If you cut unnecessary regulations you get faster growth.”

Mr Tice reiterated the importance of Boris Johnson’s Government ensuring maximum efficiency post-covid and post-EU.

He continued: “If you cut the mountain of unnecessary Government waste, that is our taxpayers’ cash, you will get better growth.

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“Faster growth will mean, better wages as there is more demand for more labour.

“If you have got a faster-growing economy you can then start to invest more in the things that are really crucial.

“Invest in things like the NHS, better health care and better healthcare leads to longer lives and that is the agenda we want to be putting forward.”

Mr Tice also highlighted the importance of Britons having more options in a leading Government than the Labour Party and the Conservatives.

He insisted Nigel Farage’s newly named Reform Party would give Britons the opportunity to support a party dedicated to issues they care about.

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Mr Tice said: “People deserve the right to express their view as to how the Government and the main opposition are performing.

“We live in what is essentially a quasi one-party state.

“We have got the blonde Boris blustering around and then you have Keir Starmer nodding like an obeying sheep along with their colleagues.

“People have the right to express their opinion as to whether they are happy with that or whether they think Reform UK provides an interesting alternative.

“That is what we are going to try to do.”

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