Brexit LIVE: ‘Economic vandalism’ Irish PM throws down gauntlet at Truss masterstroke

Northern Ireland: UK should be 'prepared for worst' says Sefcovic

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Last week, the European Union launched two separate legal proceedings against the UK after it published plans to unilaterally scrap parts of the Protocol, such as the need for checks on goods coming from Britain to Northern Ireland. However, the UK government claims the legislation does not break international law. Addressing the plans, Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin told BBC’s Sunday Morning programme: “The unilateral decision of the British government to bring in legislation to undermine or to give the power to undermine almost all aspects of the protocol is not acceptable. “In effect, it represents a form of economic vandalism on Northern Ireland because if we look at any objective data, it is now showing that the Northern Ireland economy is doing very well. Manufacturing is doing very well. “The dairy industry, the meat industry, the food industry generally and agriculture is doing very well. There are certain areas where we can improve the protocol and we should continue to do that.”


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