Brexit LIVE: ‘Time to catch our own fish!’ Boris told he MUST act as shops face decimation

Fisherman says post-Brexit fishing deal is ‘bias’

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Ministers are preparing to impose new measures against Moscow’s seafood exports, though takeaways are fearful they might have to close shop if the cost of ingredients rise too much, in light of the fact Britain imports around 30 percent of its whitefish from Russia. Responding to the news, former UKIP MEP Roger Helmer wrote in a post on Twitter: “Disconcerting to find that our quintessentially British fish’n’chips are largely made with Russian fish and Russian/Ukrainian sunflower oil.” Around half of Britain’s stock of the latter previously came from Ukraine. Mr Helmer added: “Post-Brexit, it’s time we were catching our own fish.”



  • Boris told he must act as fish and chips shops face decimation07:28
  • Boris told he must act as fish and chips shops face decimation

    Former UKIP MEP Roger Helmer said it was “disconcerting” that around 30 percent of Britain’s whitefish is imported from Russia, and that half of its sunflower oil previously came from Ukraine.

    The ongoing war, as well as plans for new sanctions against Moscow, have stoked fears of takeaway closures which are already suffering under the cost of living crisis.

    Mr Helmer insisted: “Post-Brexit, it’s time we were catching our own fish.”

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