Brianna Keilar Goes Off On Kayleigh McEnany For Claiming To Be ‘Shocked’ By Capitol Riot

Kayleigh McEnany’s introductory appearance in her new role at Fox News earned her a particularly scathing review Tuesday from CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

The former White House press secretary told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner in an interview that aired in full Tuesday that she was “shocked” by the violence that broke out at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. “Everyone was expecting peace,” McEnany said of then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally, during which he urged supporters to march on the Capitol and “fight like hell” to stop Congress from certifying incoming President Joe Biden’s electoral votes. 

“When the grenade that you’ve been helping build for months finally explodes in your face, that is just inevitable,” Keilar said. 

“Shock? Disbelief? No. Everyone was not expecting peace, as she claims,” Keilar added, pointing to FBI warnings about extremist violence ahead of the rally.

“And what did Kayleigh McEnany expect would happen when she personally and baselessly alleged for months before the election that there were widespread problems with the election and pushed the ‘big lie’ for two months after Election Day?”

McEnany consistently defended, spun and amplified Trump’s lies about mail-in voting and voter fraud before and after the election.

On Tuesday, Fox News announced that McEnany was formally joining its ranks as a paid contributor. The network had paused negotiations with her following the Jan. 6 insurrection, Mediaite reported.

Keilar noted that, having attended scores of Trump’s rallies, McEnany should also have been well aware that the former president openly encouraged retaliation against protesters and riled up crowds, and that violence often broke out at his events.

“What Trump did and said on Jan. 6 was nothing new, and she knows that because she was there,” Keilar concluded. “His big lie is her big lie, no matter how hard she tries to spin it during her new paid gig on Fox.”


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