CA man whose brother was killed by illegal immigrant sends message to Biden

Man whose brother was killed by illegal alien: Don’t tell me there’s not a crisis

Jody Jones calls on Biden to fix immigration policy during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends.’

A California man whose brother was killed by an illegal immigrant slammed the Biden administration for refusing to admit that there is a crisis at the southern border and said the situation is getting worse by the minute.

“If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s not a cow, it’s a duck,” Jody Jones said. “So don’t sit there and tell me there’s not a crisis down at the border, because there is.”

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Jones said that the influx of migrants is “destroying” communities in California, with border crossings in the month of March hitting historic levels.

He added that the administration’s policies have driven a wedge between local law enforcement and immigration officers, making it difficult for them to communicate.

“All you hear is law enforcement agencies screaming for help and there’s nothing being done,” Jones said.

Jones claimed that recently proposed legislation in the state of California, specifically bill AB 937, would essentially make it nearly “impossible” to deport illegal immigrant felons.

“These illegal immigrants are committing crimes—felonies. Getting caught with pounds methamphetamines, weapons on them, firearms, nothing’s happening to them. I mean they’re doing literally hours in jail and getting released,” Jones said.

“When you’re protecting [illegal immigrants] you stop protecting our community.”

Jones’ eldest brother, Rocky Jones, was shot and killed at a Tulare County gas station in 2018. He was 51.


“He was murdered by Gustavo Garcia,” Jones said. “He was an illegal immigrant. He was a criminal. He was deported twice before. The second time, he actually did federal time. He was arrested two days prior for being under the influence.”

Jones said that because the last arrest only warranted a misdemeanor charge in California, the county sheriff’s department released Garcia within 10 hours.

Two days later, Garcia went on a “reign of terror,” killing Rocky and several others.

Fox News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report.

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