‘Can’t talk with Johnson!’ French reporter rages at PM as she takes pop at Brexit

French reporter slams Boris Johnson as 'liar' with 'no morals'

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French political writer Marion Van Renterghem has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson and Brexit. The Prime Minister announced on Thursday he would quit Downing Street in the face of a colossal loss of support from his Conservative Party colleagues. In a TV debate, Ms Van Renterghem slammed Mr Johnson as a “liar” with “no morals.”

Ms Van Renterghem told the French TV debate: “Brexit makes Boris and Macron irreconcilable.

“It is a share religion, Johnson was made by Brexit. He made Brexit

“He exists through Brexit and for Brexit. Brexit made him PM.

“Macron is the opposite he’s a European.

“He built his manifesto against nationalism against the very essence of Brexit.

“This makes any dialogue between them impossible.”

She added: “You can’t talk with Johnson…he doesn’t keep his work, he has no morals.”

It comes as French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the resignation of Mr Johnson demonstrates that populism and Brexit were not a “good cocktail .”

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Mr Le Maire added that he personally would not miss Johnson.

Asked for his reaction to Johnson’s decision, Mr Le Maire told France Info radio: “It proves, in any case, that Brexit mixed up with populism does not make for a good cocktail for a nation.”

“Personally, I won’t miss him,” added Mr Le Maire.

“What Boris Johnson will leave behind him, I do not think it will be particularly brilliant,” Mr Le Maire also said.

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Meanwhile, Mr Johnson is refusing to heed calls to let a caretaker Prime Minister take over, as would-be successors are weighing up leadership bids.

There is growing pressure from senior Conservatives for Mr Johnson to step down immediately as Prime Minister and not wait for the election of a new leader.

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major was among those backing calls for Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab to be installed as a caretaker premier.

But Downing Street on Friday insisted Mr Johnson will not leave No 10 before a new leader is installed.

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