Channel Your Election-Induced Anxiety Into Action With These To-Do Items

If you’re experiencing massive anxiety waiting for the results of the United States Presidential Election, you’re definitely not alone. The entire country is at a standstill as results roll in slowly and as predicted, it’s not without complications. AP has not yet called the race and there are still a high amount of mail-in ballots in swing states that need to be counted. If you’ve been following coverage of the race, you’ve likely seen reports of ballots not being tallied, USPS blowing their deadline to deliver ballots, and Trump’s false assertions that he’s won the race.

First things first: breathe. The presidential race is extremely close and experts are recommending not reacting until we know the final results for sure. Secondly, you can distract yourself with actions that have impact right now. Cosmopolitan put together a list of five action items that you can take (from the comforts of your home) to actually make a difference.

Donate to Issue-Based Organizations

This year, we learned just how important mutual aid and grassroots organizations can be. If you feel passionate about specific issues (LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, etc), consider donating to a local organization that supports your cause. For example, if you’re worried for the future of reproductive rights thanks to new state-wide leadership, you can find abortion funds in your state here.

Call Your Representatives and Demand a Full Ballot Count

One of the biggest stress inducers is the amount of unaccounted ballots. Trump, being Trump, is stoking fires by making baseless claims of fraud (which we knew he was going to do). His administration has been working hard to suppress voters in key states and the fight to ensure a fair democracy is still ongoing. Despite what Trump claims, a mail-in vote is still a vote. Call your representatives and demand that every ballot, mailed or otherwise, be counted for.

Sign Up to Cure Ballots

Due to the amount of mail-in ballots this election cycle, many states are overwhelmed. Your state could technically turn away a ballot for minor mistakes like missing or mismatched signatures, but what is lesser known is that voters can reassess their ballot in time for it still to count. Ballot curing means “fixing” a ballot and there are a number of organizations needing volunteers to help the process. Common Cause, for example, is an organization calling voters in key states, where even the tiniest margins could make all the difference.

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