Charlie Kirk: Biden's national child care scheme – yes, Democrats are targeting families

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Big spending is the rule of the day. Admittedly, Republicans have contributed to this, but no one has come anywhere close to the sheer size and recklessness of expenditures like Joe Biden. 

With over $6 trillion in new spending proposed or already passed amid mounting inflationary pressures, Biden has taken to swiping the USA’s overdrawn credit card like a man who knows he won’t be around to pay it off. 

With this much money sloshing around Washington, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve missed a little-discussed but incredibly dangerous proposal from the Biden administration to spend another $225 billion.

Ostensibly, the goal of this proposal is to subsidize child care for American families. A noble enough ambition at face value, especially as the U.S. birthrate plummeted to its lowest rate in over a century and well below replacement level. Our leaders should be focused on helping American families to have more kids and we should orient our policies to making that more affordable.  

But not like this. 

Taking the expression “from cradle to grave” to a completely new level, Biden’s proposed child care plan is a bureaucratic disaster, creating an all-new government entitlement: The Department of National Child Care.

The myriad financial problems with this proposal are predictable: the creation of yet another public sector union; the tragic punishment of stay-at-home parents who would not be eligible to receive subsidies; and the price tag of $225 billion is also just a fanciful guess since there’s no cap on enrollment.

The plan is also chock full of perverse incentives that will assuredly drive the price much, much higher. As the Wall Street Journal puts it:

“…capping out-of-pocket payments at 7% of income would obliterate healthy economic incentives. Once they hit that limit, families choosing a child-care option would have no reason to consider costs. Get the upgrade, since it’d be on Uncle Sam. Child-care providers would have little reason to economize, since upselling would be an easier path to revenue… Once Mr. Biden juiced demand, prices would only go up.”

But then again, this is a Democrat proposal, so of course the math doesn’t add up. What concerns me most plan is that this plan will result in an all-new vector by which the left will indoctrinate an entire generation into adopting big government collectivism.

Consider the teachers’ unions as exhibit 1A. Crystalized in light of COVID-19, these unions have proven to be bastions of radicalism. They have succumbed to COVID “safetyism,” forcing mothers to stay out of the workforce because the unions refuse to allow schools to reopen until their ridiculous demands are met. They have also championed the mass adoption of the bigoted critical race theory, the anti-American 1619 Project, along with Ibram X. Kendi’s (born Ibram Henry Rogers) very racist “anti-racism” training. 

Their designs are nothing new. Revolutionaries have always wanted to separate children from their parents.

The same will be true for the future unions that will surely puppeteer the leadership of Biden’s Department of National Child Care. This army of ideologues will ensure our children are force fed a diet of ahistorical, anti-Americanism as soon as they can walk. 

On top of this, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recently proposed another ambitious plan – the Civilian Climate Corps, inspired by an FDR Depression-era program called the Civilian Conservation Corps. Cortez wants to dispatch 1.5 million young Americans to battle “climate change.” 

Far from doing real, meaningful work, this is nothing more than a Trojan horse to capture the hearts and minds of our young people, all bankrolled by billions of your tax dollars. Can you imagine the required reading for the Civilian Climate Corps? I’m assuming “The Road to Serfdom” won’t be on the list. 

Their designs are nothing new. Revolutionaries have always wanted to separate children from their parents. Parents, after all, are the carriers of the past with all its pesky values, histories and religion, which are enemies of revolution.

In the early days of the Bolshevik revolution the communists enacted major government-based initiatives to feed, clothe and raise a large portion of the nation’s children. They saw replacing the typical bourgeoise family with all of its ignorance and hostility to progress (I’m looking at you, you bitter clingers) as an elegant solution to completing their hostile takeover of the country.   

As J.D. Vance recently pointed out, most middle-class families want to actually raise their own kids instead of farming out the job to a government funded third-party bureaucracy. For making this exceedingly worthwhile point that the elites in America think they know better than you how to raise your kids – just like the Bolsheviks before them – he was trending on Twitter and dragged by Twitter’s blue check mafia.  

Americans would do well to remember that not only are these people exceedingly bad at running our current school system, but they are also doggedly ideological and many are avowed Marxists. They will bully, lie, posture and threaten average Americans to get their way with our kids.

We must not let them.

If we’re going to invest in families, and I believe we should, the goal should be to empower parents, not third-party bureaucrats to raise the next generation of Americans. The future of America literally depends on it.  

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