Communist group touts plans to burn Anne Frank's diary, calls her 'bleach demon'

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A communist organization in Colorado bragged online about burning copies of Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s diary while calling her a “bleach demon” and making several anti-Semitic statements online.

The Black Hammer Organization, a communist group that advertises itself as a “symbol of hope for the colonized working class,” posted online that they were burning copies of Frank’s diary to keep warm in the mountains of the Centennial State.

“Y’all [whities] keep asking us how we’re going to keep ourselves warm up in the mountains?” the organization tweeted on Tuesday. “Don’t y’all already know it just takes a good book to burn and some nice wood. And best believe we have plenty of copies to keep us warm all season long.”

The organization then posted a follow-up tweet to their book-burning brag on Tuesday, saying the group does not “share the same material reality” with the people descended from “[G]erman imperialists.” They also called Frank a colonizer in a separate tweet.

“Colonizers have enslaved, genocided, ate, tortured, and oppressed us for centuries, but get mad when we say we’re going to “burn” a yt girl’s diary,” they wrote. “Sorry, but we don’t share the same material reality with daughters of [G]erman imperialists in armies that killed our people.”

In the same tweet thread, they compared Christopher Columbus as well as former Presidents Andrew Jackson and George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler, who orchestrated the genocide that killed Frank.

The group also claimed that European Jews “were financing the slave ships from Africa to the [A]mericas” and “experimenting upon the Harero people” with the Germans on “Shark Island.”

Black Hammer also claimed in other anti-Semitic tweets that Frank was “literally amerikan propaganda used to silence colonized people on the harm yt jews are doing today to colonized people,” followed by a quote from Malcolm X criticizing Jewish people.

They also referred to Frank — who died at age 15 in a Nazi concentration camp — as a “bleach demon” and claimed that the proceeds from the sale of her diary fund a genocide against Palestinians.

“Anne Frank’s father participated in an imperial army that went abroad [and] killed African people everyday, but we’re supposed to cry for the bleach demon,” the group tweeted. “What makes it even worse is proceeds of her diary, which was filled in by her father, go towards genocide of Palestinians.”

The Black Hammer Organization also responded to the Twitter account’s warning that radicals “are calling Anne Frank a colonizer.”

“For the last time, we unite with colonized Jews, not colonizers!” the group responded. “Her father was literally involved in the killing of colonized people, like what is wrong with y’all??”

The Black Hammer website describes the organization as “a revolutionary mass organization dedicated toward building a sustainable future for all colonized people worldwide.”

In its mission statement, the group says its goal is to “take the Land Back for all colonized people worldwide. We are focused on building dual contending power of and for the colonized masses.”

Their “latest project” is the construction of a commune by the name of Hammer City, which the group is trying to establish through a GoFundMe page aiming to raise $500,000.

Black Hammer advertises the project as building “a city for all people of color to be free” regardless of their “nationality, gender, age, mental/physical differences” or other characteristics.

Additionally, the organization promises that the commune will have employment, “food,” “housing,” and “healthcare” in addition to “[n]o cops, no rent, no Coronavirus, and no white people.”

As of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised just above $64,000 and a recent post mirroring a tweet from the organization claimed that Black Hammer “liberated” 200 acres of land in “so-called ‘Colorado, USA.’

“Our comrades who had the chance to visit the land sang only praises of the land-how the land is perfect to build our eco-friendly and durable earthbag homes, the beautiful rivers and streams that pass through it, and the amazing flora and fauna we will be living in community with,” the post reads.

In a statement to Fox News, Black Hammer Organization general Secretary Anco Nahuel defended the tweets, claiming the term “Bleach Demon is inflammatory” but “is not a slur.”

“We are staunchly anti white and believe all white people have benefited from colonialism,” he continued. “We aim to expose how white Jewish (vs say Ethiopian Jews)  people despite their historical oppression currently participate in colonialism. (Palestine, Harlem, etc).”

“We have no respect for our oppressors and all jokes and insults are 100% okay for the oppressed to use against their oppressor as they do not prevent the right to self determination,” Nahuel said.

Nahuel concluded by saying reporters should find “something better to report on, like Kamala Harris letting indigenous people get slaughtered at the border” and “the peddling of a world war with China by both ruling classes of this so called nation.”

According to the Black Hammer Organization page, membership “is exclusive to colonized people only” who are 18 or older and says in all-caps: “NO WHITES ALLOWED.”

Membership levels are defined by infamous communist leaders, including Chinese dictator Mao Ze Dong and communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

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