Depraved MP Andrew Griffiths bragged "power is an aphrodisiac"

Depraved MP Andrew Griffiths bragged to a barmaid he ­bombarded with sex messages that his position as a minister made him irresistible to women.

When Imogen Treharne asked the married dad if he had many ­girlfriends, he told her: “I get lots of offers. Power is an aphrodisiac.”

The swaggering small business minister was so sure of himself he even used his work mobile to beg Imogen and her pal for naked photos and trysts with them both.

Tonight his political career was in tatters as he quit in disgrace. Theresa May saw him as a close friend and champion of women who campaigned for more female MPs.

But in reality the Burton MP was little more than a slavering pervert who certainly mixed small business with his own seedy pleasure in the House of Commons.

When he wasn’t voting or in debates, he was popping out to send sordid messages from “Daddy” to
the two women he had met on social media.

And in between he tried to impress them by boasting about the famous and powerful people he knew.

He sent one of the girls a selfie outside Buckingham Palace and shared pictures from inside, saying: “Daddy met the future king tonight: but thought of you.”

On June 27, referring to himself as Daddy, he said he had been up making speecheds and “running the country” but he wanted to be “licking naughty girls…”

And he told one of the girls: “I’m the daddy with power. I’m the daddy with the naughtiest streak.”

The MP who campaigned for upskirting to be outlawed, revealed his hypocrisy in one message to Imogen and her friend which said: “I want to be able to lift your skirts over dinner and show my friends.”

On June 20, 25 minutes after voting on the EU Withdrawal Bill, he messaged Imogen to say: “Hey… I’m good, Need distracting.” When she asked why, he replied: “Stressful day… Work work work.’

On June 26, he voted four times in Parliament on EU Trade and Partnership Agreement Orders as well as the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill.

But he still found time to send sex texts saying: “Show daddy something filthy. I think I’ve earned it.” He also managed to wire the girls £200 for ‘treats’ remarking: “A horny daddy is a generous daddy.”

Two minutes before the last vote that day at 4.22pm he wrote: “I’m good. I thought you had forgotten daddy. And minutes later, at 4.29pm, he asked Imogen for filthy photos requesting even more explicit images, begging: “Are you going to show me?”

On the morning of July 4, he told Imogen he wanted to have sex with her before going on to vote on the Ivory Bill that afternoon.

When he wasn’t exhausting himself with his sordid messages he found time to keep reminding the girls of his links to power and celebrity. He sent Imogen an image of the House of Commons terrace bar at sunset and bragged about being able to provide money for the girls if they needed it, telling Imogen’s friend: “If you need money you just need to ask….it’s fine baby, tell me what you want and I will arrange something. But I’m going to need something f**king filthy to put a smile on my face first, I want to see you both naked.”

He admitted to the girls he love the way they looked and then asked: “Would you have thought I was such a naughty man?” Mr ­Griffiths bragged how his position as a former banker meant he knew singer Katherine Jenkins. He sent a series of photos of himself at ministerial engagements and top awards dinners, and bragged he had raised £200,000 for terminally ill children at a dinner with Katie Price.

In public, the MP – who lives with wife Kate and their three-month old daughter Alice in his constituency of Burton and Uttoxeter – loves to play the traditional family man. He voted against same sex marriage in 2013.

He once wrote in his local paper: “For most people, their number one priority in life is looking after their family and making sure they are healthy and happy.”

On another occasion when addressing how to give children the best life chances possible, he declared: “There is no better way to start that than in a loving, permanent family.”

Mr Griffiths proudly showed off his new baby daughter to his local newspaper, expressing his joy at becoming a father. And on June 17 – Father’s Day – he tweeted at 4.24pm thanking the NHS for the care they gave his newborn daughter.

But in his squalid other life, he was messaging Imogen, asking if she was into “older men”. Imogen decided to cut ties on July 6, worried about his increasingly violent sexual messages. He said of one video she sent that her spanking of a girl “was nowhere near hard enough. Can she take a beating? I have to be slightly careful in my job”.

The MP, who earns about £100,000 a year, became an adviser to MEPs in 1999 after a career in engineering and then banking. He was appointed Theresa May’s chief of staff in the shadow cabinet in 2004. He was elected as Burton MP in 2010. In July 2016, he was appointed as a Government Whip and Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury.

He became Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in January this year. Until now, he remained close to the PM – using a picture of him and Mrs May together as a profile photo on Twitter. But last night he took that down.

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