Donald Trump snub: Andrew Neil exposes President’s fury as Fox News abandons US leader

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Donald Trump is quickly losing support in his key bases, the Republican Party and Fox News, according to Andrew Neil. The US Election Night presenter spoke to BBC Politics Live about what the incumbent President could expect in response to his demands. This comes after the Trump campaign announced they are launching legal challenges in some key states.

Mr Neil told viewers: “I spoke to somebody last night who’d had a long telephone call with him.

“Mr Trump is digging in. He is going to fight this all the way.

“The interesting thing is who will be on his side.

“The Republican establishment in Washington is not particularly keen to go down this road.”

He continued: “More interestingly, Fox News is not pouring petrol on the flames.

“Fox News is not running with these tweets and turning them into incendiary coverage.

“It’s one of the reasons he’s quite angry about it.

“These tweets are going out but even Fox News is not picking them up.”

The journalist added: “The Republicans will go along with the President calling for a recount. That happens everywhere and there are some states where it’s so close, there will be recounts.

“They will also see how the lawsuits go. What are the real grounds for challenging the result in the various states?

“If there are really good grounds, they will stick with the President. If there aren’t, they will begin to move back.”

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President Trump has suggested votes received after election day shouldn’t be counted.

The final result of the election has not been known for days, as mail-in ballots take longer to count.

A candidate needs to secure 270 votes of the electoral college to win a presidential election.

At the time of writing, according to the BBC, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is on 253 compared to Trump’s 214.

Mr Biden has also overtaken the President in Pennsylvania. If he wins the state, he will win the presidency.

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