Edwina Currie challenged to explain Boris stance ‘Haven’t told us anything he believes’

Boris Johnson 'not very good at avoiding trouble' says Currie

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Edwina Currie played down the importance of an “internal belief system” after serious questions have been asked about whether or not Boris Johnson possesses one. The former Conservative MP was unsure about whether she has one herself before telling Iain Dale on LBC that the only criticism that can be directed towards the PM was the absence of a proactive side in his character. It comes a day after she controversially defended Mr Johnson’s antics over an alleged Christmas party and told viewers to focus on the current events and “to get their vaccinations” instead of banging on about his controversial slip-up.

Her support for the Prime Minister was best reflected when she elevated him to “a phenomenon” before branding him the “the dominant figure in British politics in recent years”. 

Mr Johnson is currently in the spotlight over an alleged party held at Number 10 last year and a recent poll displayed people’s dissatisfaction with him. 

LBC host Iain Dale said: “You said a lot of things, which many people will agree with, but you haven’t actually told us what he actually believes. He’s got no internal belief system.”

Mrs Currie replied: “An internal belief system isn’t absolutely necessary. I am not even sure I have an internal belief system.

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“But I have qualities of character and ways of reacting to events and ways of thinking through events.

“Perhaps something that Boris could develop a little bit more would be a way of anticipating events and taking steps in order to avoid trouble.

“He is not very good at doing that. But since when do we have to have people with extraordinary internal belief systems?”

She thought the blame should be shared with the Labour Party and insisted it is wrong to point the finger solely at Mr Johnson for how things have unravelled in recent days.

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She said: “How about actually listening to the voters? It’s something the Labour Party haven’t done.

“How about actually listening to what the voters are concerned about and trying to ensure that their lives in future are better and stronger.

“This [is the case] particularly up north where I am.

“Other issues that are of great concern like green issues are also taken into account and put into operation in the teeth of opposition, from all sorts of people. We are not getting a lot of support on that in the House of Commons, are we?”


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Mr Johnson has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism after allegations emerged about a  Christmas party being held at Number 10 despite coronavirus rules, his poor handling of the pandemic, social care funding, rail investment and tax among others. 

He is currently weighing up the possibility of another national lockdown and the introduction of mandatory vaccines, which could exacerbate his already fragile image and reputation, with some people thinking that his time as PM is up.

But Mrs Currie’s unwavering belief in the PM cannot be overstated after she said yesterday that he is a “remarkable man”, sending Twitter into a meltdown.

She told Good Morning Britain: “Boris is a phenomenon! He dominates the airwaves! He has done for a decade!

“He is a remarkable man and he has all his faults. He’s a real-life human being.

“We had a saint as the previous prime minister and bless her, she got absolutely nothing done. So I think most people understand that.”

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