EU savaged for ‘aggressive’ post-Brexit stance as UK business struggle with Covid impact

Brexit: Freeman slams 'aggressive' EU checks on Newsnight

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MP George Freeman has slammed the European Union for imposing “aggressive” post-Brexit food and farming checks. It came after the British Government confirmed the decision to delay introducing these checks on imports to England, Scotland Wales due to Covid disruption.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, George Freeman said: “Contrary to the predictions-the UK is acting very fairly and continuing with free trade 

“It’s Europe that’s being very aggressive, immediately imposed all those extra checks, not us. 

“We put in place a transitionary arrangement.

“I think that was the right thing to allow business to adapt, and Covid has been a huge shock to supply chains, and to businesses.”


He continued: “We have many businesses here that also rely on imports.

The UK is set to delay introducing post-Brexit checks as a result of pressure on global supply chains and coronavirus.

The decision comes amid shortages of certain products in supermarkets.

The EU has implemented full checks on UK goods since the start of this year.

The measure was due to come into force in full after the post-Brexit transition ended in January.

But they were delayed and now these checks will be introduced in January and July next year.

These include physical checks on food and other animal-related products.

Many large companies have blamed a lack of lorry drivers for the supply chain problems.

M&S chairman Archie Norman predicted a “bumpy ride” for retailers in the run-up to Christmas.

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