‘EU wants to create a country!’ Britons FURIOUS as Brussels’ superstate plot exposed

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After Leigh Evans, editor-in-chief of Facts4EU claimed the EU now enjoys “supreme power” over large parts of life within individual states, Britons revelled in seeing Brussels’ superstate plot exposed. Commenting on the original Express.co.uk story, readers expressed their relief at escaping the alleged plot thanks to Brexit. One person said: “The big wigs in the EU want to create a country called the EU, that is their aim.

“Now, what would the people of the EU say?

“I think if this did happen then you would see a big backlash from the people, only time will tell.”

A second said: “I have been saying for years the aim of the EU is to create a single state with each of the 27 countries becoming states only.

“There will be a single EU government with a single tax system.

“Having lived in France for 26 years l have seen it coming for many years.”

A third said: “The UK won Gold when we voted leave.”

A fourth said: “Bingo, there we have it.

“The reason I voted for Brexit is because I don’t want to live in a superstate.

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“What’s frightening is our Rejoiner’s see absolutely no problems with that.”

The furious reaction was sparked following a report by Mr Evans’ think-tank which claimed former Prime Minister Ted Heath, began membership negotiations well aware of the plans to formulate an EU superstate.

Mr Evans also claims civil servants had warned that accession would involve a progression towards a closer political union within the bloc.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Evans said: “Thank goodness the United Kingdom got out of the EU while we still could.


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“The history of the EU from its beginnings as the ‘European Economic Community’ or EEC/Common Market has been one of mission creep.

“Theirs was always a project to absorb member countries into one superstate, as they made clear from the start when they talked of ‘ever closer union’.

“The basic facts of Mr Heath’s duplicity are not up for debate as the Cabinet papers were all released 30 years later.

“It’s now a matter of public record, as we detail in our report.

“All we’ve done is to highlight some of the major steps the EU has been taking along the road to the creation of this superstate, run by an undemocratic and inefficient bureaucracy, controlling vast swathes of the continent, and centralised in Brussels.

“Perhaps it will only be then that EU27 citizens will realise what damage the unelected eurocrats in Brussels have been doing to the relationship with the fifth-largest economy of the world that is sitting on their doorstep.

“It’s still not too late for them to make their feelings heard.”

Emmanuel Macron has previously spoken of his wish for a greater European superstate and EU army.

After becoming President in 2017, Mr Macron initiated the call for a collective EU army in order to combat China.

He said: “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States.

“We will not protect Europeans unless we decide to have a true European army.”

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