Ex-Clinton aide says Biden's Supreme Court commission is 'doomed from the start,' calls for court packing

Will an abortion case renew push for court packing?

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A former aide to failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for packing the Supreme Court and said President Biden’s commission to explore that possibility is “doomed from the start.”

Biden’s Supreme Court commission, which has its first meeting Wednesday, will eventually produce a report on possible changes to the court, including expanding the number of seats. 

But Brian Fallon, the executive director of liberal dark money group Demand Justice, says he isn’t holding his breath about what the commission will say. 

“It’s not even on my calendar, because I don’t care,” Fallon, a former Clinton aide, told Politico on Monday.

Fallon, who also served in the Obama administration as a spokesman at the Department of Justice, added that there wasn’t a thing the commission would do that was “going to impress” him and added that he believes the “whole thing is doomed from the start.”

“We oughta have a Black woman on the damn court to hear a case like this,” Fallon also said, in reference to the Mississippi abortion case taken up by the Supreme Court on Monday.

Biden’s commission is set to meet on Wednesday after the Supreme Court took up the major abortion case on Monday. The commission’s report will be due by mid-November, likely when the case is heard.

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, concerns a Mississippi law that bans abortion procedures after 15 weeks. Lower courts blocked the law but Mississippi, like other right-leaning states in recent years, appealed the rulings to the Supreme Court in hopes that the new 6-3 Republican-appointed majority might expand the scope of allowable state regulations or bans on abortion.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson contributed to this report.

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