‘Extreme’ Labour politicians branded ‘shameless’ over speeches to ‘abolish the monarchy’

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Scottish Labour MSPs Katy Clark and Paul Sweeney spoke in favour of the abolition of the monarchy during a Glasgow University Union debate on Friday. The Scottish Conservatives claimed the position taken by was an “even more extreme position than Nicola Sturgeon holds.”


Official SNP party policy is to retain the monarchy even after Scotland quits the Union but other pro-independence parties including the Scottish Greens are calling for the monarchy to be abolished.

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, added: “The monarchy is one of our most loved and respected institutions and that is still widely recognised in Scotland.

“It is astonishing to see Labour MSPs brazenly stand up and argue in favour of its abolition. 

“It only confirms that Labour have significantly moved away from the proud patriotic stance they once took, in a shameless bid to pander to republican voters. 

“These Labour MSPs surely have more pressing matters to be focused on, rather than talking up the prospect of getting rid of the Royal Family.”

Fellow Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland Mercedes Villalba had also tweeted earlier this year: “Why not simply abolish the monarchy and all their arcane nonsense?”

Mr Fraser added: “We already knew Mercedes Villalba already held this extreme position and now two more of the new cohort of Scottish Labour MSPs have lined up to join her.”

The row is the latest in a series of Scottish politicians remarks calling for the Monarchy to be abolished north of the border. 

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Alex Salmond’s Alba Party approved plans to ditch the monarchy in Scotland at the end of the Queen’s reign.

At the hardline nationalist party’s inaugural conference in Greenock last weekend, members approved a motion to back the creation of a Scottish republic with its own president.

It states, once the term of the “existing highly respected Head of State is over”, then an independent Scotland should have an “Elected Head of State” with similar powers to the President of Ireland.

The move for Mr Salmond’s party was a large shift from the SNP position on the Monarchy, which wishes to retain the institution in an independent Scotland.

The motion also called for a “written constitution” for Scotland to be created based on the principle that Scots are “sovereign.”

Cllr Leigh Wilson, who spoke in favour of the resolution, said: “ALBA is offering a vision of a modern Head of State for a modern nation, taking its rightful place among the other nations of Europe and of the World, as part of a Written Constitution, subject to the final say of the people on the proposed constitution in a referendum.”

Scottish Labour has been approached for comment.

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