‘F*** the fed!’ Sky News’ Kate McCann broadcast interrupted by foul-mouthed young man

Cressida Dick: Sadiq Khan 'must take responsibility' says Bailey

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Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph spoke with Kate McCann about the resignation of Dame Cressida Dick and went to her live report in southeast London. But as Ms McCann began her broadcast, a man could be heard shouting in the background before charging in front of the camera to deliver a sweary outburst. Ms Joseph cut the report short and apologised for the language with Ms McCann writing on Twitter later the man returned to shake her hand and apologise after his mum rang him to tell him off.

Speaking on Sky News, Ms McCann began her report by explaining Dame Cressida will remain in her role for a little longer to allow the transition period to go more smoothly.

She began by stating; “Dame Cressida Dick has said that she will stay on for the next couple of weeks…”

However, her report was then interrupted after a man appeared to be shouting to his friends that Sky News was currently live.

He jumped in front of the camera and stuck his middle fingers up before shouting “f*** the feds” and going off on a foul-mouthed rant.

Ms McCann cut the report short and the live feed went back to the Sky News studio.

Ms Joseph told viewers at home: “We’re going to leave Kate there.

“We must apologise for anything offensive you may have seen on screen.”

Ms McCann took to Twitter after the event and apologised for the language.

Cressida Dick resigns as Met Police Commissioner

She wrote: “So sorry if you heard some fairly choice language on air just now.

“A group of (mostly really lovely) young guys on bikes were watching us set up for the live but sadly one guy decided to ruin our hit.

“His mates looked as annoyed as we felt. It’s been a bit of a night.”

Ms McCann published the tweet at 10:18pm but a few minutes later she revealed the man returned to apologise.

She continued: “And right on cue the guy who shouted on air just cycled back to apologise for his behaviour and shake my hand.

“Still sorry it happened but at least we all learnt something. His Mum called to tell him off too.”

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But the interruption was not the only harassment Ms McCann saw that night as she revealed she was also victim of sexist abuse.

She tweeted only a few hours prior: “Nice to have some sexist abuse (“f**k her in the c***!”) bellowed out of a car window at me as I’m discussing sexism in the Met live on air.

“Well done chaps.”

Dame Cressida Dick announced she would be stepping down as Metropolitan Police Commissioner after she lost the confidence of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The former police boss said she had “no choice” to leave following a police watchdog report found “disgraceful” misogyny, discrimination among some officers.

Dame Cressida also faced criticism for the handling of the Sarah Everard vigil after police were seen to be heavyhanded in their policing of the event.

Mr Khan said he would now look for a new commissioner and try to rebuild trust in the police.

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