Farage in blistering attack on ‘arrogant’ Rees-Mogg as he unveils 600 election candidates

He said both parties had forgotten what they promised in the 2016 referendum, insisting that the only way forward with Brexit now was a “clean break” from the EU. Mr Farage, who won’t be standing to be an MP in the December 12 vote, insisted that he wasn’t targeting Tory voters but wanted to steal them from betrayed ex-Labour supporters.

Unveiling his party’s 600 candidates at a raucous rally in London, he also dismissed warnings from Tory hardline Brexiteers and former allies that he risks handing victory to Jeremy Corbyn.

He insisted: “They say that we will split the vote. But we will not split the vote, because we will be the only people actually offering Brexit, leaving the EU institutions”.

Mr Farage accused the Conservatives of “conceited arrogance” after the Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg urged him to step aside and “leave the field”.

Mr Rees-Mogg warned he was in danger of snatching “defeat from the jaws of victory” for the campaign to leave the EU.

However, Mr Farage – who offered to work with Boris Johnson in a “patriotic alliance” if he dropped his deal with Brussels, took a fresh swipe at the new deal.

“This is not Brexit,” he stormed. “It’s a sell out!”

Mr Farage claimed he can help Mr Johnson get an election majority – or he could hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament.

“There will be no Brexit without the Brexit Party,” he insisted.

His incendiary remarks proked fury among Tory MPs who are concerned that the Brexit Party could jeopardise Boris Johnson’s chances of securing a Commons majority.

Brexiteer Michael Fabricant said Mr Farage is at risk of being the man who “the man who threw away Brexit”.

Conservative MP Alex Chalk launched a staunch defence of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

“Here we have got a situation which actually brings together people from across the country,” he said.

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