Ferrari exposes Coffey for not knowing ‘policy’ on UK smoking

Thérèse Coffey questioned on ‘smoke free policy’

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Radio host Nick Ferrari questioned Health Secretary Thérèse Coffey on the Government’s “smoke-free policy” revealing the Deputy Prime Minister’s lack of grip on the policy area. Mr Ferrari also took the chance to grill Dr Coffey on her past voting record on banning smoking in cars with children.

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“I cannot give you a view right now, because I haven’t looked into this general prevention policies,” replied Dr Coffey.

“But there’s no particular reason I’m not being told that we’re off track. But I’m not being told anything.”

Mr Ferrari continued: “It is a yes or no Deputy Premier. Do you commit to trying to make Britain smoke-free by 2030?

“Well, that’s the policy the government that’s the policy,” replied Dr Coffey.

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“Well, I’m a government minister. So that’s government policy today, then that’s what I agree with.

“I don’t have personal views on these sorts of matters.

“They are government policy, and that’s what we will continue to focus on.

Asked if she believed smoking was dangerous, Dr Coffey answered: ” I think many people smoke in this country knowing it’s a potential source of all sorts of different problems that can bring health challenges immediately or indeed in later life.”

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