‘Fight for every vote!’ Sunak narrows Truss’ lead to 5 percent in Tory leadership race

Tory leadership: Will Walden warns about Liz Truss' strategy

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The latest polling suggests Truss is only five points ahead of Sunak, while previous polling put the Foreign Secretary well-out in front with a 24 percent lead.

Conservative Party members have this week started to receive their ballots to vote in the Tory Leadership race, which will also determine the UK’s next Prime Minister.

There are only five weeks to go and both finalist candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, have been campaigning non-stop.

The latest opinion poll readings suggest the vote is extremely close with only a five-point difference between the Foreign Secretary and former Chancellor.

The newest survey comes as a massive contrast to an earlier YouGov survey which was carried out at the early stages of the leadership race.

YouGov associate director Patrick English said “Polling the Conservative Party membership is very difficult process, and hard to get right, mostly because there is no publicly available data on its makeup – including its geography.

“We don’t set regional targets and therefore allow the sample to fall out naturally in terms of geographical distribution.

“We do get more members in from the South than the North in our polls of the membership.”

The latest poll suggests that Truss is leading the race to become Prime Minister with 48 percent of the vote, while Sunak is a close second place at 43 percent.

However, nine percent of Tory members questions claimed they were undecided.

The survey was carried out last week by Techne, an Italian data and public affairs company.

It asked members of the Conservative Party their thoughts on both Truss and Sunak as well as their policies.

60 per cent of poll participants said Truss had better tax policies than Sunak, and also agreed with her stance on immigration.

However, they also said Sunak had better policies on education, climate change and energy.

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Ms Truss’ campaign spokesperson said they are paying no attention to polling.

They said: “Liz is focused on fighting for every vote, meeting as many members as possible and giving her pitch on why she is the person who can be trusted to deliver on the economy. We’re taking absolutely nothing for granted and campaigning hard.”

A source from Mr Sunak’s campaign is confident about the leadership vote.

They said: “Wherever he goes he is getting really good feedback and an awful lot of people are still making up their minds.”

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