Fleischer: Biden has history of 'trafficking' in racially charged rhetoric against opponents

Biden has a history of using racially charged language against political adversaries: Ari Fleischer

The former White House press secretary rebukes President Biden’s comments are comparing the Georgia voting law to Jim Crow.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said Monday that President Biden has a history of using racially charged rhetoric against his political opponents, most recently, comparing the Georgia voting law with Jim Crow. 


Ari Fleischer: This is what bad reporting and a demagogue can do to a country isn’t it? The reporting on the Georgia law was just terrible from the start. Anybody who could reasonably claim that this is Jim Crow 2.0 needs to be ignored. Americans don’t pass Jim Crow laws anymore.

I mean we are such an improved society. It’s as if racial progress has not been made and people just revert back to the worst things that they can say about their opponents and Joe Biden has a history of trafficking in it.

If you recall, Joe Biden when he was up against Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012 – how can you be more milquetoast than Mitt Romney?. He said Republicans under Romney want to ‘put y’all back in chains’ to a Black audience. And now he calls this Jim Crow 2.0, Jim Crow on steroids. And as a result Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines, have tucked their tales, have been intimidated, and have really created a bigger political crisis for themselves.

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