GB News: Nigel Farage opens up on possibility of nuclear war – ‘Could Putin be stopped?’

Talk Radio caller: Nigel Farage 'has been sidelined disgracefully'

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Speaking with war correspondent, AL J Venter, Mr Farage was asked by GB News viewers a series of questions related to current events.
 Responding to one viewer’s question about the consequences of Russian President Vladimir Putin launching a nuclear strike, Mr Venter said that any direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO would lead to the end of humanity.

He said: “If we stop him we’re all going to die. If he attacks us first we’re all going to die.
“The radioactive contamination would be worldwide because we’re not dealing with Hiroshima or Nagasaki, they were atom bombs.
“These will be thermonuclear bombs which are 20 times the power and the contamination would kill us all.”
Mr Farage responded by asking Mr Venter how Putin could be stopped?

Mr Venter quipped back: “I could make a lot of money if I knew the answer to that one.”
Mr Farage took another question which asked if the Russian Army might refuse to obey orders as many of them had relatives living in Ukraine.
Mr Venter said that he thought morale in the Russian Army was low and that a coup could be launched against Putin.
He said: “People didn’t know they were going to invade and even his top commanders were surprised by the comments he made at that press conference.

“It showed on their faces. The Russians are a clever nation, they’re not going to take much more of this rubbish.”
Mr Farage concluded by asking Mr Venter if it’s possible that Putin could stop now and retreat.
Mr Venter argued that such a move would be the end of the Russian President’s reign.
He said: “It’s the end of his career. They would kick him out.

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“He’s got to finish what he started.”

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