GB News: Nigel Farage slams PM over Brexit border control deceit ‘They couldn’t care less’

Cost of Living is the cost of lockdown says GB News host

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Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Mr Farage took aim at the Tory Government’s mishandling of Brexit. Earlier this week Clare Foges wrote in The Times: “I feel deeply concerned about the sheer numbers being added to our population each year… overall our population is forecast to grow by another six million by 2041, overtaking Germany as the most populous nation in Europe by the middle of the century.”

Nigel Farage stated: “I’ve been saying for years that the rapid increase in the size of the British population is having a direct impact on people’s lives.

“Whether it’s smart motorways…lack of access to GP appointments… whether it’s because you can’t put your kid into the local primary school…because nobody had planned this level of population increase.”

Statistics revealed by the Home Office last week demonstrate the sheer increase in population from the pre-pandemic period with work visas up by 50 percent from 2019-20, study visas up by 58 percent and visas for those with family reasons increased by 63 percent.

Mr Farage added: “Think about this, the population of the United Kingdom has risen by 10 million since tony blair took power 25 years ago, and 84 percent of that is directly as a result of immigration.

“Please don’t tell me that our quality of life has improved as a result of it. It has not.

“It’s made housing unaffordable. It has made all the things that people in their 60s and 70s took as normal parts of life, unaffordable. Impossible for their grandchildren.”

Despite cries of a labour shortage following the exodus caused by the pandemic and Brexit, one million people in a single year have been given the right to stay in the UK.

A spokesman for the Home Office told The Times: “The Government has delivered on its promise to the British people to take back control of our immigration system.”

Ms Foges stated: “This version of ‘taking back control’ is different, I imagine, from that anticipated by millions of Brexit voters.”

Mr Farage said: “What Johnson has done as Prime Minister is not just to open up immigration from the EU to the rest of the world… but lower the barriers to entry.


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“Anyone now earning £20,000 a year or the equivalent is welcome to come to Britain in unlimited numbers from anywhere in the world.

“Here is the truth of it: We’ve been had.”

The former MEP concluded: “Brexit was used by Johnson, by Gove as a means of gaining power.

“They never ever intended to reduce the numbers, they couldn’t give a damn about the lives of ordinary people. For them it’s a game they’ve been playing since the Oxford Union. They couldn’t care less.”

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