Gov. Abbott rips Biden's 'reprehensible' attacks on Texas voting bill: He's 'willing to lie' to 'get his way'

Gov. Abbott slams Biden, Dems for ‘diminishing’ true purpose of TX voting bill

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott criticizes President Biden and Democrats for misconstruing the meaning behind Texas’ voting reform bill

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday slammed President Biden’s “completely reprehensible” attacks on the Republicans’ election integrity bill in his state, saying the president is “willing to lie” to the American people in order to further his political agenda.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” the Republican governor told host Maria Bartiromo that Democrats are “flat-out lying” about what the GOP is doing in Texas, with the media echoing their claims.

“In Texas, we truly have made it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Abbott said. “The one thing that you pointed out that we are cracking down on is mail-in ballots,” he continued, stating that a judge who was appointed by former President Barack Obama acknowledged that there voter fraud is a problem when it comes to mail-in ballots. 

“We all have to agree that if there’s cheating in the election process, we need to stop that cheating, and the best way to stop that cheating is to tighten up restrictions concerning mail-in ballots,” he added.

The comments come after more than 50 State House Democrats fled Texas for Washington, D.C., earlier this month in an effort to block Republicans from having the quorum needed to vote on an election reform bill during the special legislative session. The bill would ban drive-through voting, increase early voting hours, and add new identification requirements for people voting by mail.

Abbott said Sunday that the Democrats’ stunt accomplished “nothing,” and he repeated his threat to arrest returning members and compel them to remain in the state House chamber until they “get the job done.”

He also ripped Biden for “diminishing” the experience of Black Americans after the president referred to the Texas bill and others like it as a “21st-century Jim Crow assault” on voting rights.

“So this is the same president who called me a Neanderthal, now he’s invoking Jim Crow, too,” Abbott said. “And I’ve got to tell you what. That’s diminishing to the people in the United States of America who did have to suffer through Jim Crow. Anybody who says this is a Jim Crow law, they don’t either know Jim Crow laws or they don’t know what’s going on in the state of Texas. Because there is no segregation, there is no attempt to make it harder for people of color.

“It’s easier today than it’s ever been for people of color, for all Texans, to be able to cast a vote,” the governor continued. “So these aspersions that are being cast by the president of the United States are completely reprehensible, and it shows the American people that the president of the United States is willing to lie about what’s going on to try get his way. And that’s one reason why you’re seeing President Biden’s polling numbers continue to plummet.”

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