‘It’s yes but no but yes but no!’ Andrew Marr ridicules Ashworth in car crash interview

Jon Ashworth grilled by Marr on Labour’s Freedom Day position

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Andrew Marr branded Labour and Mr Ashworth as having “given up” in opposition as Mr Ashworth struggled to outline what the Labour Party’s feelings towards July 19 Freedom Day are. In a car crash interview the Shadow Health Secretary reeled off a series of ideas around ventilation and preparing the economy for reopening but failed to say whether he was in favour of opening Britain up on Monday as Britons have most coronavirus restrictions dropped.

Mr Ashworth said: “The economy is going to reopen tomorrow but these are the things that should be happening.

Mr Marr: “It sounds like you have just kind of given up on opposing the government over reopening which you yourself say is dangerous!

Mr Ashworth hit back: “We haven’t given up!

“We are putting forward a series of proposals!

“Such as ventilation, such as home working, such as offering people decent sick pay and maintaining the mask mandate in society.

Marr hit back: “We are going round and round in circles here! I say again you are not going to get what you want by tomorrow… 

“Therefore are you against opening up tomorrow or not!?”

Ashworth replied: “No, we are saying open up with these factors in place… We haven’t given up, we are putting forward our proposals as to how we think we can open up safely.”

More to follow…

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