Janice Dean: Gov. Cuomo's scandals and the memorial he really ought to consider

New poll finds 62% of New Yorkers want Cuomo out of office

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean and Democratic state assemblyman Ron Kim, who both lost family members to COVID in nursing homes, discuss Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s waning approval numbers.

As many of you know, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in the midst of several scandals here in New York and the fact that he continues to lead the Empire state is dumbfounding.  Here’s a quick recap:

*Sexual harassment allegations from nine women and his administration’s apparent attempt to discredit at least one of the accusers. 

*The nursing home tragedy involving his reckless policy to order over 9,000 coronavirus infected patients into nursing homes and then cover up the death toll while he was trying to shop a $5.1 million dollar book about himself.

*Using government resources to write a book on leadership while also giving out free friends and family COVID tests in the early days of the pandemic while nursing homes weren’t allowed to use them to test incoming residents.

*An investigation into faulty work on a multi-billion dollar bridge that has the Cuomo name on it as well. 

One other recent issue that has a lot of local New Yorkers angry has to do with a proposed memorial for health care workers that Cuomo came up with without really consulting anyone. 

On the surface, it’s a great idea, but once you realize it’s just another way for our ruthless governor to congratulate himself and pivot from his investigations and scandal drama, the premise loses its meaning.

The monument was going to be placed in New York’s Battery Park City, but there were no public meetings or hearings about the plans to chop down trees and pave over beloved greenspace in order to build the concrete structure.

Protesters came out in force to oppose the idea.  “Pause the Saws” was written on many of the signs to let the “management” know they were angry.

And if you look real close at the plaque that was set to go on display in front of the monument, guess who’s name is at the top?

Of course.  It’s Andrew M. Cuomo!

The greenspace issue has been getting quite a bit of coverage from local media here in New York City. 

In many ways it seems like more people are outraged about that concrete structure than those we lost in nursing homes.

Battery Park City with Citygroup building (on the left) in background, Lower Manhattan, New York City. 

The latest headline that got my attention said:

 “Cuomo delays COVID essential workers memorial in Battery Park in fierce opposition.”

And I thought to myself: maybe someone should propose a memorial for the over 15,000 seniors that died in New York nursing homes? Just to remind people that we still don’t’ have the answers or any accountability from our governor about what should be one of the biggest stories of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe that someone might be me? 

I can guarantee that on the plaque to commemorate all the precious lives we lost, our governor would never dare put his name on it.

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