John Bercow visited by police at London home after ‘late night domestic bust up’

Tory MP recalls John Bercow's 'appalling' behaviour as speaker

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The former House of Commons Speaker was visited by the Met Police at his riverside house in Battersea, southwest London, last summer. It is understood the complaint was made by Mr Bercow’s wife, Sally.

No arrests were made following the visit.

The police have since dropped the matter.

“Mr Bercow was spoken to, then left the address with his face apparently looking like thunder,” a source told The Sun.

Details of the case have been left with the local police community safety unit, which is standard practice, according to the publication.

The Met Police has confirmed officers attended at 11.35pm on August 26 last year.

The Sun said Mr Bercow declined to comment, has also contacted the former Speaker.

The revelations have emerged just days after the former MP was given a lifetime ban on having a pass for the Parliament estate after being found guilty of bullying staff.

An independent investigation upheld 21 claims about his behaviour out of a total of 35.

It concluded the former House of Commons Speaker was a “serial bully” who “repeatedly and extensively” berated staff.

The former Speaker described the findings of the investigation as “a travesty of justice and brings shame on the House of Commons”.

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“This shambolic investigation has been a disgrace to a democratic Parliament,” he added.

“Don’t fall for the Establishment spin that I have been banned for life.

“I can still attend debates with the help of a friendly passholder or go as a member of the public.

“All I can say is that the case against me would have been thrown out by any court in the land since it is based on the flimsiest of evidence, rooted in hearsay and baseless rumour, and advanced by old school dogmatists once intent on resisting change at all costs and now settling some ancient scores with me.

“Add to that a dash of personal spite and you have some idea of the vengeful vendetta mounted against me.

Fallout from the findings has seen the disgraced former parliamentarian be suspended from the Labour Party.

While he was a Tory MP, he switched allegiances last year.

He has quit as a trustee of Holland Park school.

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