Just Stop Oil caught boasting they have forced Labour to change policies

Keir Starmer describes story about meeting with Just Stop Oil as ‘nonsense’

Just Stop Oil has been secretly recorded boasting that their protest tactics have begun dictating Labour’s energy policy, in a week when the Tories doubled down on being the party of energy security.

The group were taped at a meeting in Birmingham, where activist Larch Maxey spilt the beans about Labour’s change of policy of extracting new oil.

Dr Maxey hailed the success of Just Stop Oil’s recent month-long road blockades in Westminster, saying it “suddenly cut through”.

Dr Maxey said: “Very reluctantly we blocked the roads around Parliament every day for 32 days straight.

“And that suddenly cut through, we were headline news, Labour suddenly shifted and said ‘We hate Just Stop Oil, oh but by the way, we’re going to stop new oil, coal and gas’.”

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The prominent activist said the caving in by Labour to their demands proved “we have to escalate it again”.

Labour has repeatedly come under fire for its seemingly close relationship to Just Stop Oil, despite Sir Keir Starmer’s condemnation of their tactics.

The opposition has received £1.5million over several years from green entrepreneur Dale Vince, who also funds the protest group.

Last month it also emerged Sir Keir’s top Commons aide had arranged a secret meeting with the group, with activists claiming Jess Morden MP had been “trying to sell us on how Labour is still driven by” environmental issues despite the leadership’s condemnation of Just Stop Oil.

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This week the Tories decided to make the environment a dividing line between them and Labour, announcing more oil and gas licences in the North Sea.

Rishi Sunak argued that far from the announcement being a U-turn on the Government’s Net Zero target, it would reduce emissions from imported energy, and secure Britain’s supply against foreign dictators like Putin.

Joining Mr Sunak in hailing the news, Net Zero secretary Grant Shapps said the government is “saying no to Just Stop Oil and their political wing the Labour Party”.

He said: “Labour have surrendered to the criminal tactics of Just Stop Oil and given in to their destructive demands.

“They would give Putin the power to blackmail the UK, make 213,000 people jobless, defund our NHS and put your energy bill at risk.

“The Conservatives do not surrender.”

The Energy Secretary warned Labour’s plan to stop drilling would lead to 1970s-style blackouts.

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