Kayleigh McEnany Talks White House Handoff to Jen Psaki, Who Reacts to McEnany’s New Fox News Job

Despite their political differences, there's no bad blood between former and current White House press secretaries Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki, they both say.

In an interview Tuesday on Fox News' The Faulkner Focus, McEnany — who just joined the network as a contributor — said that the handoff between the two was cordial, adding that she left her successor a note and wished her "all the best."

"I left her a note saying that much," said McEnany, who served as President Donald Trump's White House spokeswoman and regularly made headlines for sparring with reporters.

"We've met previously one time," McEnany said, "and she [Psaki] was very kind and so were some of her colleagues in the press shop."

McEnany — the fourth and final press secretary in the Trump White House, after Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders and Stephanie Grisham — left the White House with a reputation as a fierce defender of her boss and with his same penchant for spreading misinformation, despite vowing in her first press briefing to "never lie."

Like Trump, she also often attacked individual reporters.

Speaking with Fox News' Harris Faulkner, however, McEnany argued that the way reporters treat Republicans and the way they treat Democrats was "disparate" and "unfair," which has long been a talking point among conservatives.

"I'll never forget watching one of the early press briefings when [Psaki] was asked about the Antifa riots and I believe she said she hadn't spoken to the president about that and they let her move on," McEnany said. "Whereas, if I would have been asked that about violence on the other side of the aisle, that wouldn't have been an answer that flew, nor should it have. So I think — just, the standards are different."

McEnany also described her final day in the White House, saying that she wanted to hold a press briefing about "all of the great achievements" of the Trump administration, but "didn't get the opportunity to do that" because of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, which saw a throng of Trump supporters attack Congress.

"The last days were sad," she said. "We were packing boxes. We were sad that this was one of the last events that happened on the way out the door … it was a somber time."

In the White House briefing room Tuesday, a reporter mentioned the news of McEnany's hiring at Fox News to Psaki, asking if she would be willing to sit with the former press secretary for an interview.

"Sure," said Psaki. "I've done Fox News Sunday twice now. I'm happy to go on a range of shows."

She continued: "I will say that I knew Kayleigh a little bit, not well. I met her when we were both CNN contributors, and we did a few shows — I'm not sure how many — together."

"Like many Americans, we disagree on political issues, but we talked about our families, our spouses, sports, all sorts of things in the green room," Psaki said, "and I certainly wish her the best in her future endeavors."

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