Keir Starmer told to stop banging on about Partygate by Labour MPs

Keir Starmer grilled on possibility of a female Labour leader

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The Huffington Post has reported that the Labour leader is facing a shadow cabinet split over his strategy. Shadow communities secretary Lisa Nandy, a former leadership contender, is reported to have told him that he needs to start talking about the cost of living crisis instead of allegations about Covid rule breaking in Downing Street.

Ms Nandy is said have confronted Starmer at last Thursday’s shadow cabinet meeting as polling suggests that Labour’s lead in the polls may even be shrinking.

The Techne UK tracker poll over the weekend showed Labour’s lead drop by one point to 6 percent.

Nandy is understood to have said there was a danger that voters would think “we’re all as bad as each other” if Labour continued to focus on Boris Johnson’s woes.

She also is believed to have said Labour risked looking “out of touch” at a time when families across the country are struggling to make ends meet.

Her comment resonates with continued questions over why Sir Keir himself did not get fined for drinking beer and eating a takeaway with activists in Durham.

The police force concluded he had not broken the rules but critics have since pointed out that it was very similar to the seven minutes where the Prime Minister had birthday cake and was subsequently fined.

But there has been a knockback on Ms Nandy with one shadow cabinet source telling HuffPost UK: “She pissed everyone off because we’ve hardly seen her in the local election campaign.”

According to Huffpost UK, another insider said: “There was a bit of confusion in the room as the shadow cabinet, the party and Keir have dedicated the entire election campaign to cost of living.

“But we can’t just ignore partygate when the PM literally has to come to the House to explain himself on it.”

But one shadow cabinet member said: “Lisa’s not alone on this. There was strong agreement in the room to focus on the cost of living.”

The row comes as Tory MPs have told the Sunday Express that Boris Johnson is considering pushing for an early election in October to reboot his Premiership.

His team are confident the Prime Minister can beat Starmer who they say “has no ideas” on policies to help the country.


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