Labour will never support Theresa May’s flawed Brexit blueprint

Like many of you, I have watched with anger, frustration and despair at the Government’s handling of Brexit.

Shambles is an overused word in politics, but over the past week the Tories have brought a whole new meaning to the word.

At the start of the month, Cabinet ministers travelled to the Prime Minister’s country retreat finally to discuss their plan for Brexit.

It had taken the Government two years to get that point.

The plan then unravelled within a matter of days.

Senior members of the Government resigned.

Theresa May then sided with Jacob Rees-Mogg to kill it off.

And to top it all off, she tried to order her MPs to go home early for summer to avoid any further embarrassment.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

The question then turns to what Labour think of the Government’s plan.

On that I have a very clear message for Theresa May – if you think Labour will support your fatally flawed Chequers’ agreement, then you have another thing coming.

No ifs, no buts.

Let me equally clear to Mirror readers – this is not about blocking Brexit or frustrating the process.

We respect the result of the referendum and recognise we are leaving the EU.

When we campaigned two years ago we did so on the basis that a vote to leave would mean leave – just as a vote to remain would have meant remain.

But, we will not give this Prime Minister – or indeed any Tory Prime Minister – a blank cheque to harm British business, to put jobs at risk, to undermine people’s rights or to threaten the return of a hard border in Northern Ireland.

Labour would never sign up to such a deal.

To do so would be failing to stand up for the British people.

Brexit is too important to get wrong.

We cannot simply accept an unworkable compromise that has been thrown together to try to keep the Tory party together.

We need a deal that works for Britain.

A deal that works for every person in this country, whether they voted leave or remain.

And that is exactly what Labour is fighting for.

A Brexit deal that protects jobs, the economy and the union of our United Kingdom.

A deal that protects our security, delivers fair management of migration and unites our country.

A deal that is in the national interest, not in political or party interest.

That is the alternative Labour is offering. And that is the alternative we are prepared to deliver.

* Keir Starmer is the shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU

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