Lauren Boebert Short Circuits Trying to Compare Joe Biden to Lion From Disney Film

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) spent last week’s State of the Union heckling President Biden, including during a solemn moment when he invoke his late son Beau.

She took it to the president again on Tuesday night … or at least she tried to.

“I don’t know who’s running the federal government these days,” she told Jesse Watters on Fox News. “Joe Biden or Prince John, uhh, from, uhh, ehh, uhh … Prince John.”

“They’re taxing us into poverty,” Boebert added.

Boebert was trying to refer to Prince John, the son of King Richard who loved taxing the poor in Disney’s Robin Hood, as she made clear Wednesday morning. “For the record, Prince John > Joe Biden,” she tweeted, along with an image of the cartoon lion.

Boebert was roundly mocked for the flub, including by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), whom Boebert has repeatedly attacked for being a Muslim-American. She’s repeatedly described her as belonging to the “Jihad Squad,” and last fall went on a rant about how Omar might be a terrorist. Omar said Boebert hung up on her during a call to discuss the remarks.

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“Prince John from Prince John,” Omar tweeted along with a laughing emoji in response to Boebert’s attempted Biden diss on Tuesday.

Boebert has been vocal about the need to ramp up fossi-fuel production in America. “Cutting off Russian oil is the right move,” she tweeted earlier on Tuesday. “Doing so without increasing American energy production is insanity.” She later teased her appearance on Watters’ show by tweeting that they would discuss the need to “DRILL BABY DRILL,” the same phrase that adorned a jacket she wore to the State of the Union.

She flubbed her attempt to hit Biden over America’s energy production, too.

“Here’s Biden’s energy policy: Anyone but America,” Boebert said. “OPEC, Venezuela, you name it. If it’s not American energy, Joe doesn’t want it.”

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