Macron braces as French inflation sees product prices soar – meat to rise 25%

Inflation: UK could face a 'wave of starvation' says Sandher

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Inflation in France is set to cause a 10 percent price increase on supermarket shelves on average. The product categories whose prices have risen the most so far are meat, poultry and charcuterie.

A jump of 24.5 percent for meat and poultry, 18 percent for pasta.

Products sold in supermarkets are hit hard by inflation, which reached around 7 percent on the shelves in August over a year, and could climb to 10 percent by the end of 2022.

The benchmark supermarket sales panelist NielsenIQ noted in a statement on Thursday that inflation “did not go on holidays in July/August”, with the average price of so-called FMCG products – those households regularly buy in supermarkets – rising by 6.6 percent in August.

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