McConnell slams mandates after Super Bowl, says 'political science' only science that changed

‘The Five’ react to Biden claiming mask mandates aren’t about freedom

‘The Five’ discuss celebrities not wearing masks at the Super Bowl and Biden suggesting ending mask mandates may be premature.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took aim at the continued masking of children in schools, pointing to the many maskless “rich celebrities” at Sunday’s Super Bowl while kids are still forced to wear the coverings.

“The only science that’s changed in the last two weeks is the political science,” McConnell said Monday. “Even as Democrats permit grownups to get back to normal, they’re clinging on to their emergency powers over K through 12 classrooms.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
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McConnell appeared to be referring to multiple high-profile personalities who were spotted maskless during NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl, including Jay-Z, Charlize Theron, LeBron James, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Social media users tuning into the broadcast were quick to point out that kids in California’s schools are still subject to strict COVID-19 restrictions, including the mandatory use of masks.

LeBron James at Super Bowl LVI 
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“Here’s the video of every celebrity without a mask during the Super Bowl. But every kid in California will have to be wearing them tomorrow in school,”’s Clay Travis tweeted during the game. “They must all be holding their breaths the entire game.”

McConnell was among those who noticed, noting that young students who watched the game would be forced to “cover their own faces” the following day at school.

“Americans who watched the Super Bowl saw rich celebrities having a grand time with hardly a mask in sight,” McConnell said. “But under Democrats policies, first-graders who watch that big plus party last night had to wake up this morning and cover their own go to school.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The Kentucky lawmaker also argued that people have “known for many months” that vaccines work to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to a level that should allow for a return for normalcy.

“We’ve known..that this variant is significantly milder,” McConnell said. “We’ve known for many months that the universally available vaccines reduce the odds of hospitalization or death down to the level of many routine risks that we all face constantly in our daily lives.”

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