‘Melania Trump steps forward as Donald’s smiling social shield’

Unlike the Baby Trump balloon that should be flying in our skies tomorrow morning, the real Donald Trump looked deflated as he arrived in the UK today.

‘Trump the showman’ will often allow his wife to step down from their plane ahead of him, while he showboats from the top of the steps.

But today his body language suggested he was in far less buoyant mode.

He stood slightly behind Melania on the steps of Air Force One, suggesting he may plan to delegate the social niceties to his wife on this trip, as was the case with Angela Merkel at the NATO summit.

Trump then performed a telling wave.

Instead of raising his hand high he held it head height with the flat of the Palm pointing out in a gesture normally used to signal ‘I come in peace’.

When he waved the hand the gesture was almost pseudo-juvenile and accompanied by a sombre, mouth-clamped facial expression.

The way he held his wife’s hand down the steps – and the way both kept unsmiling faces – suggests he sees this more as a social visit than one where he needs to puff out his chest and splay his legs to establish his power credentials.

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