Michael Gove hits out at ‘BBC and SW1 bubble’ in explosive Brexit tirade

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Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove snapped at those criticising the Government’s Brexit strategy. While speaking to Esther McVey at the Blue Collar Conservatism conference, Mr Gove insisted the UK Government was behaving in the nation’s best interests. He insisted that while the “BBC commentating” and “SW1 bubble” had criticised the Government, the people of the UK were in support of the Government.

Mr Gove said: “I think there was a lot of confusion here.

“One of the things about this is the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the Government was perfectly clear that we were prepared to be criticised to by everyone in order to safeguard the UK and to deliver Brexit.

“The BBC commentating, taking classes, the SW1 bubble, people here in Westminster were all criticising the Prime Minister.”

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Mr Gove said he thought people across the country were happy with the decision by the Government.

He continued: “I think people across the country, I know from my family and friends, were thinking thank heavens Boris was standing up.

“The whole point of the Internal Market Bill was to say to the EU, ‘look you have not been playing fair’.

“‘You have not been negotiating how we would have expected’.

“‘If we don’t get the kind of deal that we want – you can forget about some of the provisions that you were expecting’.”

“We are going to take our own measures in our own way to safeguard the whole of the United Kingdom.

“We are going to make sure that Northern Ireland stays a part of the UK and that the EU cannot use Northern Ireland as a trojan horse to undermine the independence of the rest of the UK.”

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The UK Internal Market Bill, which ministers acknowledged risks breaking international law, was approved by 340 votes to 256 on Tuesday evening at its third reading and will now pass to the House of Lords for debate.

The Government has insisted the bill will protect the integrity of the UK if a future trade agreement cannot be reached with the EU. 

The legislation would give ministers the power to breach the divorce deal with the European Union.

On Thursday, the European Commission said it had begun legal proceedings against the UK after the Government refused to withdraw plans to override key elements of the Brexit divorce settlement.

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