‘More focussed on division than constituents!’ SNP attack on Boris spectacularly backfires

Tory MP accuses Scottish government of 'stoking division'

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Pete Wishart demanded Conservative backbench MPs act to remove Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and leader of the Tory party. The Shadow SNP Leader of the House of Commons claimed: “There’s only one issue that our constituents want to be debated today and that is the fallout from the Sue Gray report, the appalling culture in Number Ten and why this Prime Minister is still in his place.” Mr Wishart’s rant against the leadership of Boris Johnson was met with opposition from Conservative MP Mark Spencer.

The Leader of the House suggested the SNP should redirect their attention to issues truly affecting Scotland including the “tatters” of the Scottish education system.

Mr Wishart said: “This isn’t going to go away, the people of the United Kingdom want this Prime Minister gone.

“In a democratic country, what usually happens is the people get their way.

“It’s up to them in that backbench, it’s up to them, they either get rid of him or they go down with him.”

He added: “Let’s have this debate, let’s have this led by this Prime Minister, and let’s have this rotten, delusional Government held properly to account.”

Mr Spencer replied: “I join him in congratulating Dunfurmlin on securing city status and I think that’s as far as I can go with agreeing with him.”

The Leader of the House objected to the claims of the SNP MP that Parliament should focus on the debate surrounding the, now published, Sue Gray report.

He continued: “[Mr Wishart] said that this is the one topic that everybody wants to debate, I think my experience is that people are sick and tired of hearing about it. 

“They want the Government to be focused on actually what matters to them, they want the Government to be focused on the global fight against inflation, on an aggressive Russian state invading Ukraine and causing huge ripples around the world in energy and food prices.”

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Mr Spencer continued: “He says it’s the one topic people want to debate, it’s the only topic he seems to want to talk about. 

“I thought he might have congratulated the First Minister on becoming the longest-serving First Minister in Scotland – she’s done seven years and I think maybe after seven years he might want to accept some responsibility for the disastrous performance of the Scottish Government.”

The Tory MP suggested Mr Wishart should refocus his political agenda on issues closer to Scotland, currently affecting the population. 

“What we’ve seen in Scotland, they’ve let their school children down.”

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The Leader of the House condemned the organisation of the Scottish education system as he highlighted a damning level of drug-related fatalities that he suggested was related to the failure of SNP policy.

“That’s why their education system is in tatters, that’s why drug deaths are at their highest level and have been for seven years – that says all it does about the SNP.

“They’re more interested in stoking division, in trying to create challenges in the union, than they are on delivering for their constituents.”

Despite Mr Wishart’s insistence to focus on Sue Gray’s criticism of the Prime Minister’s leadership, Mr Spencer redirected attention to the catastrophic failings of the SNP that have had a drastic impact on the Scottish people.

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