‘Moving forward!’ UK urged to not overturn Brexit in ‘foolish’ rejoin EU bid

Nigel Farage outlines three factors to 'get Brexit done'

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The UK voted to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum six years ago and Brexit Britain will remain as Express.co.uk readers voted strongly against rejoining the EU any time soon. Earlier this month, Robert Taylor outlined a five-step plan while writing for Express.co.uk which could see the UK re-enter the EU as a Rejoiner.

He suggested if Boris Johnson’s successor was a Remainer, such as former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, he could start “edging Britain inexorably towards a closer relationship with the EU”.

This could allow the UK to consider rejoining the EU single market and customs union as well as renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement.

Mr Taylor argued the UK could apply to the EU as an outer-ring “slow-speed” country to end its independence after just two years of separation.

He also said that Lord Adonis – a Labour peer who served under Tony Blair – thinks the UK will rejoin the EU within a decade.

In addition, former Conservative Chancellor George Osborne has said that Brexit’s damage to the economy could mean the UK rejoins within the next 20 years.

As a result, Express.co.uk readers were asked if they thought the UK would rejoin the EU soon.

In a poll that ran from 9am on Sunday, June 19, to 6pm on Thursday, June 23, Express.co.uk asked: “Is it only a matter of time until Britain rejoins the EU?”

Overall, 7,318 people cast their votes with the vast majority, 86 percent (6,262 people), answering “no”, it is not only a matter of time until Britain rejoins the EU.

A further 14 percent (993 people) said “yes” it is, while just one percent (63 people) said they did not know either way.

Thousands of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on the UK rejoining the EU in the future.

Many were in agreement that the UK would not join the EU any time soon with one reader, username RitaBishop writing: “We are OUT and we are staying OUT”.

Another, username H Smith said: “Not going to happen for decades, if at all.”

Username partykingable. wrote: “The country is moving forward, not backwards”

And username SanjayP said: “Contrary to the perception the Rejoiners are trying to create, there is no majority appetite in the UK for the country to rejoin any EU institutions.”

Some commented that the EU was not a desirable bloc to be a part of.

Username tabitha wrote: “Looking at the EU today why would want to rejoin them.”

And username Exlancslad said: “I would rather see the end of the EU than the UK rejoining.”


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Others argued that the UK could consider rejoining the EU in the future if it changed.

Username Freeme said: “Maybe but not the EU we know now, as we would be foolish to rejoin it in its present state.” 

Username Ricky1954 said: “The UK will not be rejoining anything to do with the EU in its present form.

“Maybe in 10-20 years’ time the EU will go back to the promise of being a trading bloc only.”

However, some commented that the UK was still tied into the EU.

Username Yozzer said: “We are not yet out, and the elite know that, as it is how they plan to get us back in as the public are losing confidence in the failed efforts for true independence.”

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