MPs ‘dismayed’ and urge Ed Davey to apologise over ‘misogynistic’ speech

A group of 34 Conservative women MPs have written a strong letter to Sir Ed Davey and the use of his “misogynistic” language at the Liberal Democrats’ annual party conference in Bournemouth.

In a social media post, on X, formerly known as Twitter, Conservative MP of London and Westminster, Nickie Aiken, wrote: “Incensed by @EdwardJDavey use of the c word to describe @Conservatives in his speech to the Lib Dem conference a group of Conservative women MPs has written to him outlining our dismay at his use of this misogynist word & asking him to apologise.”

The letter is a response to the foul-mouthed remarks Sir Davey made, suggesting Tories are “c****” in a keynote speech closing the conference on September 26.

The women write that the c-word is a “deeply dehumanising and misognynistic word” and the MPs who signed the letter feel the remarks were “ill-judged at the very least.”

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The group of MPs writing to Sir Ed Davey believe we are witnessing a “rising violence towards politicians of all political parties, and especially women who hold office”.

The group also thinks that the choice of language sets a “dangerous precedent” for a political leader to use. They even state that the language will put people off politics, particularly women.

The letter concludes with a request to the Lib Dem party leader to “apologise” and spend time “reflecting” on his comments.

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At the party’s annual conference, the Liberal Democrat leader apologised for previously calling the Conservatives “clowns”. He said a party member who is a “clown” got in touch to say he “took great offence”.

Sir Ed, who walked on stage to Abba’s Take A Chance On Me, said: “On reflection, I have to admit, he’s got a point.

“So let me take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to that party member, and to the whole clowning community. I’m sorry. I used the wrong c-word.”

Sir Ed came under pressure during the party’s conference over his refusal to say if the Lib Dems want the UK to rejoin the EU.

The Lib Dems have proposed a four-stage road map to “rebuild” the UK’s relationship with the EU, with the final step returning to the single market. There is an ultimate goal of full EU membership but no timeline has been set.

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