Murdoch Minion Tucker Carlson Is Worried About 'Foreign-Born Billionaires'

In his never-ending quest to sell his viewers white supremacist talking points, Tucker Carlson spent a significant portion of his show Tuesday evening railing against the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, claiming the piece of legislation has contributed to the downfall of society by “changing America completely and forever.”

The bizarre observation came as Carlson took aim at the Biden administration’s recent “$172 million grant to a George Soros-linked organization which exists to ‘help young border crossers avoid deportation.’”

“Why is some foreign-born billionaire allowed to change our country fundamentally?” Carlson asked. “That’s the big question.”

Actually, Tucker, the bigger question is whether or not you remember who signs your paychecks.

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A quick refresher: Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch is a literal Succession-esque media magnate currently worth an estimated $18.3 billion born and raised in Australia — which, unless there’s some strange overlooked period of American history in which the Oceanic country became the 51st state, makes Murdoch one of Carlson’s “foreign-born” boogeyman. Lest we forget, Murdoch only ditched his Australian citizenship in 1985 to circumvent a U.S. law which prohibited a foreign national from owning more than 20% of a broadcasting license. (At the time, Murdoch was in negotiations to purchase a group of independent television stations.) Spooky George Soros, like Murdoch, is a naturalized American citizen, having gone through the process in 1961.

Carlson’s pearl-clutching over the rise of non-white American citizens and residents is nothing new, as the Fox News host is an unabashed evangelist for the so-called “replacement theory,” which suggests Democrats are keen to bring would-be liberal voters into the United States in an effort to silence white conservatives. “The great replacement? It’s not a conspiracy theory,” Tucker said Tuesday when discussing Democrats’ diversity and immigration initiatives. “It’s their electoral strategy — and we know that because they say it all the time.” (Carlson’s proof of Democratic politicians pushing “replacement theory” ideals included a clip of Georgia political figure Stacey Abrams stating “the Blue Wave is African-American. It’s white. It’s Latino. It’s Asian Pacific Islander” and former Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro discussing Texas’ shift from a solidly red state to a “purple” state and, possibly, a blue state due to “changing demographics” — an undeniable fact as the non-white population of the southern powerhouse is now almost equal to its white population.)

Murdoch and his News Corp media empire have a long history of knowingly promoting and peddling quasi-news to the American public — much of which has, especially in recent years, helped stoked the fears of conservatives, driving discourse away from discussions of actual policy into wild conspiracy theories and fear-mongering. Through Fox News alone, Murdoch and his goons helped perpetuate a laundry list including, but definitely not limited to: airing thinly veiled pro-Putin propaganda; blaming marijuana for the rise in mass shootings; refuting former president Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss on mass instances of voting machine fraud; suggesting the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol was a “false flag” operation; contributing to widespread anti-vaxx hysteria during the COVID-19 pandemic; sounding white supremacist dog whistles on the regular; and perpetuating debunked theories around the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. These sensationalized and often untrue Fox News talking points, packaged as legitimate and fact-based reporting at the behest of a “foreign-born billionaire,” have undeniably altered the American political landscape — or, to put it into Carlson’s words, changed our country fundamentally.

Funny how that works, Tucker.


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