Nicola Sturgeon savaged as SNP Covid rules slammed ‘Haven’t been very clear!’

Nicola Sturgeon clashes with journalist over Covid questions

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Ms Mccabe said: “Well in Scotland, so we’ve had the mask stuff anyway the whole time. But with regards to seeing people, I just don’t think the government’s been very clear.

“Like I think its to say to people, choose people over other people, so basically you’re saying to families choose what child you want to come home from university.

“Just leave the other one there if you’re not fussed ort they’ve got terrible Christmas gifts, I think and you know, I’m not going to say I feel sorry for the government because that would be pushing it.

“I understand it’s Christmas and it’s an important time and it’s the holiday season for everyone, I think there needs to be a bit more stringent.

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“Because the cases are just running through the country, so I mean we’re getting a lot of people in that you know if I’ve got a friend who came over from France yesterday.

“And she’s like one of my closest friends from school, and I’m going to be way down on her list of priorities to see her because you know, ultimately she needs to see her mum and her sister and her brother.

“And her husbands family and they’ve got a little boy and he needs to see his family and I get that. But equally, for her, she’s like but I’m home and I don’t know the next time I’m going to be home, so how do I try and balance this up.

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“I think the whole socialisation stuff as well. Is it inside? is it in a public place? is it in a licensed premise? and because It’s difficult if you go to the pub with somebody that you’ve not seen for a year.

“You just want to hug them and you know four pints in you’re pulling off her mask and licking their face.”

Sturgeon is expected to discuss the latest Omicron restrictions in parliament this afternoon, many Scotts are worried more rules could be introduced just days before Christmas.

Sturgeon is also expected to share the latest coronavirus statistics and include accurate data of the specific number of confirmed Omicron cases in Scotland, along with an update on the vaccine programme.

During the First Ministers last announcement, Ms Sturgeon said: ” “Even if Omicron’s impact on individual health is milder than that of other variants many people will still become severely unwell and die, and the sheer number of people infected will present a massive challenge.

“If we do not act now, what we have feared all along but so far avoided the overwhelming of the National Health Service could happen.

“Please reduce your contact with people from households other than your own as much as you possibly can.

“For now, please stay at home much more than you normally would and as much as is feasible. Right now, the risk of getting Covid from interactions with others is high and it is rising.

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