Nigel Farage calls on US to strengthen NATO in dire warning – ‘We don’t have the strength’

Putin has 'exposed the divisions' in the EU says Nigel Farage

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The former UKIP leader gave the warning during the Conservative Political action conference, in which he called on the West to send a message to Putin. He argued that the US needed to decide if they “wished to continue” leading NATO.

He said: “This remarkable alliance that has worked since the late 1940s was put there to guarantee peace has pretty much done a very good job over those years.

“So there needs to be a big public debate in America right now about … if you wish to continue leading Nato.

“And if you do, that message must be sent loud and clear to Vladimir Putin.

“Because you know, if it’s not, if that message isn’t sent, I think Putin may well continue.

“I’ve come to that conclusion over the last few days.”

Mr Farage continued by arguing that without the US, NATO is simply a “waste of space”.

He said: “Do Americans still want to be the leaders of the Western world?

“Because if they’re not, we have a problem. The truth of it is without America, NATO is a waste of space.

“Without America, Putin will do what the hell he wants, and we don’t have the strength to stop him.”

On Thursday the former Brexit Party leader wrote on Twitter that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a consequence of NATO expansion.

He said: “Putin has gone much further than I thought he would.

“A consequence of EU and NATO expansion, which came to a head in 2014.

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“It made no sense to poke the Russian bear with a stick.

“These are dark days for Europe.”

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