Nigel Farage pinpoints two major areas where Liz Truss is ‘100% bang on’

Nigel Farage has revealed two major areas he “100 percent” agrees with Liz Truss on.

The politician-turned-broadcaster joined the former prime minister at a fringe event yesterday at the Tory conference in Manchester.

Mr Farage said he backed Ms Truss’s calls to slash corporation tax and on drilling for oil and gas.

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “She put forward a simple package to axe the tax on businesses, saying the 25 percent rise in corporation tax put in place this year was bad news for the British economy. I agree with that 100 per cent.

“She also pronounced that if we’re going to use oil and gas, we may as well produce it ourselves rather than exporting jobs and carbon emissions abroad. Once again, she’s 100 percent bang on.”

Mr Farage said the Conservative Party has a debate raging over what it stands for.

He claimed not many people at the conference privately believe the Tories can win the next general election, expected in 2020.

He added: “So the battle and the fight is on to reggain the soul of the Conservative Party.”

Ms Truss drew crowds of the membership at her packed rally on Monday as she urged tax cuts to “make Britain grow again”.

The MP called for cuts to corporation tax and regulation as she urged members to “unleash their inner conservative”.

She said: “Let’s stop taxing and banning things. Let’s instead build things and make things.”

Rishi Sunak this morning insisted he was “not at all” concerned about the scale of support Ms Truss appears to still have within the Tory party.

The Prime Minister told Times Radio that there were “lots of Conservatives here” at the party conference.

He added: “I think the mood is great. People are excited about the things we’re doing.”

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