‘No one knows what she stands for!’ Truss’s leadership plans dealt bitter blow by Tory MPs

Liz Truss' allies calling for bid to take over from Prime Minister

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Multiple MPs have told Express.co.uk they are fed up with the antics of the Foreign Secretary and say she is trying too hard to prepare for the top job. The South West Norfolk MP has become a firm favourite among the grassroots of the party in recent years after her success in the International Trade Secretary brief.

Once a Remainer, she has persuaded party members she is now a true believer in Britain’s future outside the EU.

But as pressure mounts on the future of Boris Johnson, MPs have warned they are yet to be convinced Ms Truss has what it takes to be a leader.

“There are obviously people who fancy their chances, Liz Truss being the most obvious one at the moment,” one said.

They added: “She should calm down a bit.”

They added: “She’s starting to make herself look a bit silly.

“She’s not a well-known quantity in either the country or, to be honest, among the Parliamentary party.

“No one knows what she actually stands for.

“She’s pleasant enough and so on but she was not a Leaver before the referendum and I despite her efforts I think that remains a problem as far as many colleagues are concerned.”

Another said that the problems that had engulfed the Government over the past month meant Ms Truss and all her Cabinet colleagues should be ruled out from replacing Mr Johnson.

They said: “I don’t think it can be anyone who is in the Cabinet.”

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They added: “They’re the ones who have let this sh*tshow go on and not done anything.”

The MP said they had already submitted a letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson.

A total of 54 letters must be sent to the chair of the all-powerful 1922 committee of backbench MPs in order for a confidence vote to be triggered.

Last week it was revealed allies of Mr Johnson are also angry at the behaviour of Ms Truss, blaming her for a number of anonymous briefings to journalists.

One Government source told The Times it was believed the Foreign Secretary has deliberately letting it be known she did not back more Covid restrictions in a bid to win the support of backbenchers.

They said: “It smells like she’s trying to heavily position herself as a Conservative libertarian.

“It reeks of desperation and it’s all a bit pathetic.”

Another added: “Cabinet playing out in public isn’t a good look but we know why people are doing it — they’re pitching themselves for future leadership contests but all it does is damages everyone.”

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