‘Nostradamus meets Russian Wikipedia!’ Boris mocks Putin for wild Ukraine theories

Johnson mocks Putin with Nostradamus and Wikipedia jibe

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Boris Johnson took aim at Putin in a spotlight on Ukraine as he closed the Conservative Party spring conference. The Prime Minister explained Putin is “in total panic” over Ukraine’s influence over Russia. He said: “Why did he decide to invade this totally innocent country?

“He didn’t really believe that Ukraine was going to join NATO anytime soon.

“He knew perfectly well there was no plan to put missiles on Ukrainian soil.

“He didn’t really believe the semi-mystical guff written about the origins of the Russian people, Nostradamus meets Russian Wikipedia that wasn’t what it was about.

“I think he was frightened of Ukraine for an entirely different reason.

“He was frightened of Ukraine because in the country they have a free press, free elections and with every year that Ukraine progress, not always easily, towards freedom, democracy and open markets – he feared the Ukrainian example.

“And he feared the implicit reproach to himself because in Putin’s Russia you get jailed for 15 years just for calling an invasion an invasion.

“If you stand against Putin in an election, you get poisoned or shot.

“It’s precisely because Ukraine and Russia have been so historically close that he has been terrified of the effect of that Ukrainian model on him and on Russia.

“He’s been in a total panic in a so-called colour revolution in Moscow itself.”

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