Pelosi to make announcement on future after losing House Speakership

Nancy Pelosi opens about the night her husband was attacked

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Speculation is high that Nancy Pelosi is to bow out of politics and retire after the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives. The soon-to-be former House Speaker could run to be the Democrat minority leader again or bow out of politics.

But at 82 it is now widely believed that Ms Pelosi, whose husband was recently injured by an intruder in their California home, will call it quits.

In September, revealed that Ms Pelosi was considering taking up the role of US ambassador should the Democrats lose the House.

The post is in the gift of Joe Biden with the US President still to fill the role but it would mean she potentially clashes with the new rightwing Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

The Democrats officially lost control of the House of Representatives last night when another Californian Representative, Mike Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot, overturned a big Democrat majority to take the seat for the Republicans.

The Republicans now have the 218 seats needed for a majority in the House although the majority is going to be far short of the number they had expected in the midterms.

The Republicans have also failed to take the Senate with the Democrats actually gaining a seat with victory in Pennsylvania.

Ms Pelosi’s decision to either seek another term as the Democratic leader or to step aside has been widely anticipated. It would come after the party was able to halt an expected Republican wave in the House and the Senate but also in the aftermath of a brutal attack on her husband, Paul, late last month by an intruder in their San Francisco home.

“The Speaker plans to address her future plans tomorrow to her colleagues. Stay tuned,” her spokesman Drew Hammill tweeted late yesterday.

But the departure of the House Speaker will not be mourned by everyone in the UK where she was seen as one of the major problems in sorting out the Northern Ireland protocol by siding with the EU.

Ms Pelosi had said that the Democrats would use their majority in the House to veto any trade deal with the UK unless Britain accepted EU attempts to break away from Northern Ireland.

She was accused of being overly influenced by the powerful US-Irish lobby which is strong in the Democrats.

Pelosi is expected to speak on the House floor, but no time was provided. The chamber opened at 3pm GMT, before legislative business begins at noon. The Speaker took home two versions of her speech overnight for review.

Meanwhile, when the new House convenes in January next year the Republicans will nominate the new Speaker who is third in line for the Presidency.

Currently, the favourite is Kevin McCarthy who was the minority leader, however, a simple majority is needed and Donald Trump supporters have threatened not to vote for him potentially throwing the House into chaos.


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